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Aesthetic Medicine

There are 2 treatments that Olympus Stem Cells utilise and that is namely the use of PRP and Stem Cells in regenerative medicine. This includes facelifts, orbital and eye rejuvenation, skin enhancement, anti-wrinkle treatments and deep lines and fissures in the face and neck.

Surgical treatment of the ageing face in the past has been mostly drawing the skin back to create a tight, expressionless face. This is the classical facelift.

Over the past 10 years scientists and doctors have now understood that it is the loss of subcutaneous fat and the thinning of muscles that contribute to poor skin support so the treatment of the ageing face is now the rebuilding of the foundations (muscle and fat) rather than alteration of the superstructure (skin).

Olympus Stem Cells offer both PRP and Stem Cells.

PRP is given via injection after harvesting 10-20mls of your own blood. The blood is concentrated in a centrifuge. Similarly we also offer PRF, platelet rich fibrin, which has a thicker consistency and more growth factors.

Platelet’s and growth factors (PRF) are injected under local anaesthetic into the dermis and fat of your face. They work by increasing laying down of collagen. This helps support the skin and lessens wrinkles. The procedure takes 45-60 minutes. The areas we can treat include the orbits (around the eyes), cheeks, nose, naso-labial folds, chin and neck. In essence PRP and PRF work by enhancing tissue regeneration and rejuvenation, stimulates collagen and blood vessels, is non-allergenic and eliminates donor diseases since it is your own blood we are giving back to you.

In respect of Stem Cell facelift and orbital rejuvenation, we are giving you back the very building blocks of your face. Olympus Stem Cell will give you a knife-free, scar-free facelift that restores the 3-dimensional soft tissue frame of your face.  The Olympus surgeons are used to major surgical operations on the head and neck and know the positions of your major arteries, veins and nerves of your face. By utilising stemcells the very nature of surgery is avoided. We are injecting your own growth factors back into your body. The donor site of the stem cells is the fat around your abdomen. We harvest 100cc which takes about 30-45 minutes. The laboratory procedure to separate the stem cells takes 60 minutes. The stem cell injections then take 1-2 hours.

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