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Conditions We Treat -Facial Pain

Facial pain is a tremendous area to investigate and treat. It is not at all welcome by the millions of patients that may suffer this condition. As professionals and specialists involved in the care of patients afflicted with the condition, we need to understand the aetiological causes of it. Stem cell treatment is not a universal panacea and only some conditions may be suitable for treatment.

The patient and reader are referred to the numerous publications of A/Professor Russell Vickers who is an expert in this field. Generally, by the time you have consulted with Olympus Stem Cells you would have seen numerous medical practitioners, specialists, dentists, neurologists, chiropractors, ENT surgeons, Maxillofacial surgeons and even optometrists. The aetiological cause may be an injury you have sustained, whether by a motor vehicle, assault, other medical or dental treatment, developmental problem or the condition could have arisen spontaneously.

Certainly, Olympus Stem Cells will either concur or disagree with the diagnosis. We will review the existing approach taken by your previous treating practitioners and offer you our advice. If we think Stem Cell treatment is appropriate then we will advise you.

What are some of the Facial pain conditions where stem cells may be used?

Generally sensory nerve disturbance acquired as a result of injury. There is a possibility that motor nerve supply to the face which has become disrupted may be treated. We point out that conditions such as upper motor neurone lesions or commonly known as a stroke, will not be cured by stem cells.

We refer the reader to A/Professor Vickers list of publications in the Research tab.

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