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Preparing for Surgery

Please advise us of any serious medical condition you may have and also whether you are on blood thinners or herbal supplements. These may need to be adjusted if you are having Stem Cell treatment as they may cause excessive bleeding during the mini-liposuction procedure.

Depending upon the nature of your treatment you will mostly receive Local Anaesthetic at Sydney Olympic Park treatment rooms or intravenous sedation in a day surgery hospital. Rarely would you require general anaesthetic and mostly only if the problem was in your jaw joints. We will contact you via phone or SMS prior to your appointment to confirm that you are still attending.

All sedation surgeries are performed at

North Shore Specialist Day Hospital
176 Pacific Highway, Greenwich, Sydney

We recommend having a carer/driver accompany you to the day hospital. Please bring you x-rays and scans to the hospital. We recommend you fast for 6 hours prior to the procedure (no food or liquids).

You will be admitted and our nursing staff will ask you about your medical history and medications to make sure nothing has changed since your consultation.

You will be taken into the operating room and the procedure will begin. After approximately 1 hour and following removal of 100cc of fat via mini liposuction, the Stem Cells will be injected back into the affected area after they have been processed by the Olympus Scientist.


General Anaesthetic or sedation (IF REQUIRED)

General Anaesthetic (GA) procedures are carried out in hospital. Please also fast (no eating or drinking) as instructed by the hospital in the lead-up to your surgery. Be sure to arrive at the hospital on time.

Your anaesthetist will see you prior to surgery to discuss your medical history or any concerns you may have and prescribe you any pain medication, if needed, for the post-operative period.

You will wake in recovery before being moved to day surgery or an overnight room. Your surgeon will see you after surgery and explain the findings.

Post-operative Recovery

Arrange for someone to drive you home after Stem Cell treatment with local anaesthetic, general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation.

You can drive yourself if you are having PRP treatment.

All patients have different rates of recovery and different levels of pain tolerance, the information following is a general guide for the normal range of post operative issues.

  • We recommend 1 – 3 days rest from normal activities after local anaesthetic and Stem Cell treatment.
  • We recommend 5 – 7 days rest from normal activities after general anaesthetic and Stem Cell treatment.

Review Appointments

We will issue you with post operative appointments to return and see your Proceduralist and other practitioners.

Interstate, country or overseas patients

A 3-Day Visit
Patients receiving Stem Cell treatment through Olympus Stem Cell Group can visit our treatment center for a total of three days. However close co-ordination with our Administration and medical staff are required before we can facilitate this. Our suggestion below should be taken as an overview but still needs accuracy depending on the situation. Please contact our office at one of the Olympus sites.

Day One

Your first day at Olympus Medical Group includes pre-operative appointment with your doctor which includes a review of your medical history and a physical examination. In addition, patients are encouraged to attend patient orientation where you will be taken step-by-step through the next three day of your visit. Patient questions and family participation is highly encouraged.

Day Two

On day two, patients arrive at the North Shore Specialist Day Hospital for stem cell treatment. The minimally invasive same day out-patient stem cell procedure takes approximately two to four hours.

Day Three

The final day of your visit includes a post-operative follow-up appointment. You will receive a personalized health recovery program designed for you based on your specific medical needs to maximize your overall health and recovery. Post treatment care instructions will be reviewed with you.

Post-Treatment Follow-up

Being committed to supporting our stem cell patients, a member of our Olympus clinical team will follow-up with a series of post-treatment phone calls over the next 12 months.

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